The Common Joint Problems in Dogs

A happy dog can jump, run and play throughout the day but there are some dogs that may face some kinds of joints problems. In order for a dog to grow into an active and strong dog, the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage must function properly. These joints problems have to be treated on time and if it is diagnosed earlier it can also be repaired quickly. Dogs generally face orthopedic problems during their growing years. It means the dogs are affected or marked with a disorder, deformity or injury or skeleton or its associated structures. If you notice any deformity earlier, you will be able to have it repaired quickly and easily. There are many common joint problems in dogs that are usually showed up in the older canines. But it is noticed that every dogs have chances of developing any of these joint problems later in their lives. The reason for the joint problem is because the joints lose it cushion when the dog ages and thus the bones sticks together which gives rise to the joint problems.

common joint problems in dogs

The common joint problems in dogs are:

Luxating patella – it is a condition that generally affects the small breed of dogs where the dog will jump and run in one minute and yelp in limp and pain in the next few minutes while it will be fine in the next minutes. This condition can be very severe in some cases and in normal cases; the dog is only given anti inflammatory medication. But in severe cases, surgery is required which is carried on after getting to know about the seriousness of the condition that is determined by an X-ray.

Panosteitis – it is a bone disease of the dog that is characterized by the remodeling and proliferation of the bone. This lameness can come and go accordingly to the seriousness of the condition. The lameness can also vary from one leg to another. This disease is more prevalent in large dogs but the cause of this disease is still unknown. This disease is very painful which can even last for a period of eighteen months and generally it lasts for about two to five months. The treatment for this bone disease is anti inflammatory drugs and adequate rest.

Osteochondritis dissecans also know as OCD is the disease of cartilage that affects the joints in the dog’s body. When two bones of the joints meet, there is a smooth area of the cartilage that covers the entire surface and it also acts as cushion between the two bones. But if there is any damage caused to this cartilage, it can disrupt the movement of the body and can also cause extreme pain to the dog. In OCD, the cartilage is damaged completely or can even grow abnormally which can cause it to separate or crack instead of being covered smoothly. It can even float free or break free in the joint and these pieces never die rather it grows continuously which are known as joint mice.

Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy also known as HOD – it is a disease that affects mostly the rapidly growing large dog breeds. This disease can cause severe pain and lameness that affects more than one limb at a time. The cause of this disease is still unknown and it strikes puppies between three to six months of age. Like the OCD, this disease is usually found in male dogs rather than female dogs. It is not a genetic or inherited disease that does not affect one breed more than the other breed. The symptoms are usually moderate to mild painful swelling of growth plates in leg bones, the long bones from knee to hock and long bones from elbow to wrist. The dog suffering from this disease may show lameness, reluctance to move, refuse to run or eat, act lethargic and have high fever. Both the legs of the dog is affected in this disease which gets resolved on its own. But if the bony involvement of the dog is severe, the dog may have permanent structural damage or it may even die.

Legg Calve Perthes disease or LCP – it is the disorder of the hip joint conformation in which the dogs are affected severely. The condition occurs in small breed of dogs and it is an inherited disease.

Importance of Joint Supplements for Dogs to Treat Arthritis Problem

With the arrival of rainy and winter season various health problems are observed not only in humans but in pets including dogs also. Though scenic beauty and excitement of coming vacation make these seasons exciting for many people but people suffering from various health problems including arthritis etc. get scared of them due to increase in their problem. Similar is the condition of some dogs having arthritis and other bone related problems. Most of the times the problems of pets are not cared properly as nature have not enabled them to speak out their ailments like humans. Most of them bear their pains silently. But the pet owners usually provide joint supplements for dogs to care for their dogs suffering from arthritis after observing its signs given hereunder.

dog arthritis supplements

Signs of arthritis in dogs

Inability in walking properly lags them behind Look stiff or limp after routine activities Unwillingness for jumping or climbing steps After resting usually rise slowly

If these signs are observed in your dog or any other pet then their pain can be relived through a number of ways alongwith joint supplements for dogs. Brief information about these methods is provided hereunder for your guidance.

Methods to cure arthritis in dogs

Joint supplements for dogs: Most of the joint supplements for dogs available in market include Glucosamine and Chondroitin as their main ingredients which play main role in supporting their joints. These ingredients provide successful results in case of osteoarthritis among pets and for that reason they are considered as the leading treatment of arthritis among dogs and other pets. Glucosamine is a kind of sugar derived from hyaluronate and glycosaminoglycans and is used as an important block building ingredient for the development and maintenance of the cartilages in the joints of the dogs. It has been proved through various researches that it helps in improving the synthesis of proteoglycan and metabolism of cartilage. Moreover GAG found in articular cartilage of the dogs includes Chondroitin to improve their synthesis and controlling the damaging enzymes in dogs’ joints. Both of these ingredients in the joint supplements for dogs also help in lubricating and reconstructing the joints of the dogs. They start healing cartilages within six weeks of starting the treatment. In serious cases the pets have to survive on these supplements throughout their life to prevent breakdown of cartilages in future. The supplements based on these ingredients are considered safe due to their very few side effects.

Management of weight: Alongwith joint supplements for dogs their joint problem can be prevented very effectively by managing their weight. The pain and stress on their joints can be eased by helping them in losing their excessive weight. It can be done either by providing them some weight management supplement or encouraging them to do exercises. Exercise is normally considered as a good and natural way of weight management for almost all the living beings. Exercise helps not only in moving the muscles of your dog but also in making them strong. Some of the easy and effective exercises for overweight dogs include swimming, walking on a leash, slow jogging, walking on treadmills as well as going up and down on stairs etc. Swimming is considered as most effective weight management excise for the dogs. But which ever exercise you choose for your pet should be continued regularly.

Comfort and warmth: The signs of arthritis get worse in damp and cold environment so the treat your dog suffering from this problem you should keep him in warm and comfortable place alongwith giving him joint supplements for dogs. You can use various gears especially made for canine use for keeping their joints warm like thermal bed for dogs. These beds are specially made for dogs suffering from arthritis as they put lesser pressure on their joints by evenly distributing its weight. If your dog is suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or any other bone related problem affecting his spine or hind legs then hind-leg support harness especially developed for dogs can prove to be the best alternative to make him comfortable.

Thus joint supplements for dogs play an important role in treating the arthritis problem of your dog even if various other methods in this regard are also available.