Four Simple Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Setting up a website is often the easiest part of starting an online business and many people after setting up great sites, sit back and wait for business to start pouring in. Having a great website is not enough if people cannot find you to see what you have to offer them and then buy from you. Since 90% of all information is obtained through search engines, following these simple basic search engine optimization strategies will help you to ensure that your website stays high in the list of search results.

The most basic of all the search engine optimizations strategies is to find the words that people use when searching for what you have to offer – these are the keywords and are at the heart of all search engine optimization. The keywords must be related to what you are selling – placing the words “Megan Fox” in the text of a home improvement website just to get people to visit it will not get you any business.

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It will, in fact, anger people because they will know they have been tricked into coming to the site and there is nothing to be gained by getting a bad reputation. Some parts of your text like the title, headers and sub-headers are given more importance by search engines so ensure that your keywords are used in them. The few words about the contents of your site that appear below the clickable links in the search results are meant to give a brief idea of what the page contains and the keywords must appear here.

This is very important as these words will influence whether a person clicks your link or someone else’s so ensure the keywords appear here. The more links to your site that there are on the internet, the more attention search engines will pay to is so try to place links to your site on blogs, ezine articles and other websites. If your a good writer, you could consider writing the blogs and articles yourself. Of course, for both blogging and articles, the matter must be relevant to what your website has to offer because there is no point putting links to a pet care site on a blog about politics.